Table 2

‚ÄÉRelation of post-LASIK to pre-LASIK vitreoretinal lesions for 17 eyes with pre-LASIK vitreoretinal pathology

LocationNumber of eyes (%)
*Same as all eyes with RD (eight of eight eyes or 100% with RD).
Post-LASIK retinal breaks adjacent to pre-LASIK lesions15 (88.2)
Post-LASIK breaks outside of quadrants with pre-LASIK retinal lesions5 (29.4)
Post-LASIK RD involving quadrants with pre-LASIK retinal lesions8 (47.1)*
Post-LASIK RD limited only to area(s) outside of quadrant(s) with pre-LASIK vitreoretinal lesions0 (0)