Table 5


ComplicationNo (%)Comments
Hyphaema <2 mm3 (11.5)1 day postop; all resolved spontaneously within 1 week
Device rotation2 (7.7)1 month postop treated by repositioning; 2 years postop followed by erosion and is under observation (see below)
Choroidal detachment1 (3.8)21 months postop, due to vigorous rubbing of the eye; spontaneously resolved
Device iris touch1 (3.8)2 months postop; calm eye
Device malposition2 (7.7)1.5 years postop spontaneously resolved; 2.5 years postop with erosion.
Erosion3 (11.5)2 years postop associated with rotation and is under observation (see above); 2.5 and 3 years postop one followed by device removal and one by device replacement
Suture granuloma1 (3.8)2 months postop; spontaneously resolved
Visual acuity decrease1 (3.8)