Table 5

 Outcomes of cultures of corneal scrapes

Patient codeAgeSexWearing modalityLens typeClinical severity scoreCulture outcome
*Coagulase negative.
8226FDaily wearHydrogel7Staphylococcus spp*
4830FExtended wearSilicone hydrogel8Bacillus spp
3632MExtended wearHydrogel daily disposable9No growth 5 days
5840MDaily wearHydrogel9No growth 5 days
19723MDaily wearHydrogel9No growth 5 days
20534MDaily wearHydrogel9No growth 5 days
20935FExtended wearHydrogel9No growth 5 days
36283FDaily wearRigid9 Stenotrophomonas maltophilia
36423FDaily wearHydrogel daily disposable9No growth 5 days
4461MExtended wearSilicone hydrogel10 Propionibacterium acnes
18520FDaily wearHydrogel10Mixed coliforms
20651FDaily wearHydrogel daily disposable10 Candida albicans
36930FDaily wearHydrogel10Acinetobacter spp
9224FDaily wearHydrogel11No growth 5 days
9520FExtended wearHydrogel11Staphylococcus spp*
19531MDaily wearRigid11No growth 5 days
29160FExtended wearSilicone hydrogel11No growth 5 days
4127FDaily wearHydrogel daily disposable12No growth 5 days
21348MDaily wearHydrogel12Mixed coliforms
29524FDaily wearHydrogel daily disposable12No growth 5 days
36519MDaily wearHydrogel12No growth 5 days
37221MDaily wearHydrogel13No growth 5 days
37547MDaily wearHydrogel14Pseudomonas spp
9329MExtended wearHydrogel16Pseudomonas spp
27325MExtended wearSilicone hydrogel19Pseudomonas spp