Table 2

‚ÄÉTreatment performed and clinical outcomes

Patient NoTap/injection v pars plana vitrectomy/injectionIntravitreal injectionsImplant removedSensitivity of organismPre-infectionFollow up (months)Post-infection
Visual acuityIOP (mm Hg)MedicationsVisual acuityIOP (mm Hg)Medication
A, amikacin; AM, ampicillin; B, bacitracin; C, ceftazidime; CE, cefaclor; CF, counting fingers; D, dexamethazone; E, erythromycin; FL, follow light; FO, follow objects; HM, hand movements; LP, light perception; NA, not applicable; NLP, no light perception; P, penicillin; T, tobramycin; V, vancomycin.
2TapV, CYesV, BFL1809NLP50
3TapV, AYes_FO15126CF113
4TapV, ANoV, EFO21118HM92
5PPVV, C, DNoC, CE20/10020114LP161
6TapV, ANo_20/1252011720/200182
7TapV, A, DYesV, PCF10213HM152
8PPVV, C, DNoV, B20/1000921920/200142
9Primary eviscerationNAYesTCF2026NLP00