Table 3

 Endophthalmitis associated with GDIs reported in various studies

SourceStudy dateNumber of casesNumber of endophthalmitis cases% of endophthalmitisType of implant
Munoz et al519915311.9Molteno
Hill et al619917011.4Molteno
Chihara et al719921616.3White pump
The Krupin Eye Valve Filtering Surgery Study Group819945012Krupin valve with disc
Lloyd et al919947311.4Baerveldt
Perkins et al1019952114.8Molteno
Price and Wellemeyer1119957611.3Molteno
Law et al1219963812.6Molteno
Nguyen et al13199810710.9Baerveldt
Djodeyre et al1420013512.6Ahmed
Krishna et al1520016523.1Baerveldt
Taglia et al1620022713.7Molteno
Morad et al1720036035Ahmed
Seah et al18200312410.8Baerveldt
Tsai et al1920037011.4Baerveldt
Present study200454291.7Ahmed