Table 4

 Between group (eye disease groups and controls) differences in the IND-VFQ33 scales*

ConditionNoMean (SD)p Value†
*Analyses controlling for age, sex, area, education, caste.
†p Values for tests of differences between conditions in the model.
‡High scores indicate poorer quality of life.
§Diabetic retinopathy/age related macular degeneration.
General functioning (score range 21–105)‡Cataract35965.90 (17.85)0.00
Glaucoma10134.42 (13.81)
DR/AMD§10447.69 (16.49)
Controls11024.19 (3.81)
Psychosocial impact (score range 5–20)‡Cataract38914.39 (4.63)0.00
Glaucoma1168.21 (3.58)
DR/AMD§12010.92 (4.23)
Controls1185.56 (1.04)
Visual symptoms (score range 7–28)‡Cataract41521.15 (4.59)0.00
Glaucoma11613.67 (4.63)
DR/AMD§12017.17 (5.05)
Controls1189.27 (2.80)