Table 2

 Optic disc topographic parameters in normal cynomolgus monkey eyes

ParametersRight eyeLeft eyeRight-left difference
MeanSDMeanSDMeanSDAs % of mean value for right eye
No significant differences between right and left eyes.
Each value represents mean (SD) for 18 eyes. RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer.
Right-left difference was calculated using the absolute difference between right and left eyes for each animal.
Disc area (mm2)1.620.241.620.
Cup area (mm2)0.300.290.310.240.140.1846.7
Cup/disc area ratio0.
Rim area (mm2)1.320.251.310.130.150.1911.4
Height variation contour (mm)0.400.050.390.050.040.0310.0
Cup volume (mm3)
Rim volume (mm3)0.330.100.310.060.060.0718.2
Mean cup depth (mm)
Maximum cup depth (mm)0.350.120.340.110.050.0214.3
Cup shape measure−0.170.06−−17.6
Mean RNFL thickness (mm)
RNFL cross section area (mm2)