Table 3

‚ÄÉReproducibility of the optic topographic parameters measured using HRT

ParametersCoefficient of variation
Coefficient of variation was obtained from measurement at three times over a 1 week period.
Disc area was defined in the first measurement, and transported to the second and third topographic images.
No significant differences between right and left eyes.
Each value represents mean (SD) for 18 eyes. RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer
Cup area (mm2)23.324.824.228.2
Cup/disc area ratio23.424.924.128.0
Rim area (mm2)
Height variation contour (mm)
Cup volume (mm3)30.728.740.947.3
Rim volume (mm3)
Mean cup depth (mm)
Maximum cup depth (mm)
Cup shape measure12.66.313.111.1
Mean RNFL thickness (mm)
RNFL cross section area (mm2)