Table 2

 Distribution of intraoperative complications

ComplicationOCTET grading*No (%)
*Grade I, trivial complications that may have needed medical therapy, but were not likely to result in a marked drop in visual acuity; grade II, intermediate complications that needed medical therapy and would have resulted in a marked drop in visual acuity if left untreated; grade III, serious complications that would have needed immediate medical or surgical intervention to prevent gross visual loss.
Posterior capsule rupture (with no vitreous loss)II4 (0.7)
Posterior capsule rupture (with vitreous loss)III4 (0.7)
Zonular dialysis (without vitreous loss)II3 (0.5)
Total11 (1.9) (95% CI: −0.11% to 3.82%, deff 1.910)
Total surgeries593 (100)