Table 2

 Superior and inferior maximum retardation parameters and global visual field indexes of normal control group and glaucoma subgroups

NormalEarly glaucomaModerate glaucomaSevere glaucomap Value
†ANOVA and multiple comparisons with Student-Newman-Keuls.
Superior and inferior maximum: significant difference between normal group and each glaucoma subgroup, significant difference between initial and severe glaucoma subgroup and between moderate and severe glaucoma subgroup (p<0.05).
MD and CPSD value: significant difference between all pairs.
Superior maximum (SD) (μm)105.13 (18.92)82.44 (25.03)76.96 (18.14)64.91 (11.27)<0.0001†
Inferior maximum (SD) (μm)97.59 (16.01)78.52 (20.81)76.74 (17.04)61.17 (15.79)<0.0001†
Mean deviation (SD) (dB)−0.31 (1.69)−1.92 (1.87)−6.81 (1.29)−17.13 (4.84)<0.0001†
Corrected pattern standard deviation (CPSD) (SD)0.95 (0.70)2.72 (2.38)7.00 (2.48)10.04 (2.65)<0.0001†