Table 3

 Morphological status of the sub-basal nerve fibre bundles (NFBs) at each time point for the three groups examined

GroupsNo NFB imagesShort, unconnected NFBsLong NFBs without interconnectionsLong NFBs with interconnections
Group 1
1 month after LASIK8110
3 months after LASIK4420
6 months after LASIK0163
1 year after LASIK0046
Group 2
1 month after LASIK9100
3 months after LASIK5410
6 months after LASIK2350
1 year after LASIK0253
Group 3
1 month after LASIK5200
3 months after LASIK2410
6 months after LASIK1231
1 year after LASIK0043