Table 1

 Mean values, standard deviation (SD), range, and 95% confidence interval (CI) for each of the RNFL and ONH parameters considered in this study

MeanSDRange95% CI
RNFL, retinal nerve fibre layer; ONH, optic nerve head.
360° average (μm)101.5211.0978.43–130.7598.49 to 104.56
Temporal quadrant (μm)69.9413.1742–10966.34 to 73.54
Superior quadrant (μm)124.2916.5991–163119.76 to 128.83
Nasal quadrant (μm)81.2417.9546–13376.33 to 86.14
Inferior quadrant (μm)129.8319.2666–184124.57 to 135.09
Optic disc area (mm2)2.090.321.55–2.942 to 2.18
Cup area (mm2)0.410.270–1.240.33 to 0.49
Rim area (mm2)1.670.330.85–2.531.58 to 1.77
Cup/disc vertical ratio0.420.180–0.710.37 to 0.47
Cup/disc horizontal ratio0.380.150–0.620.34 to 0.42
Vertical diameter (mm)1.680.141.44–2.031.64 to 1.72
Horizontal diameter (mm)1.550.141.32–1.961.51 to 1.59