Table 1

 Clinical details of patients and their treatment

Case No, age, sexDiagnosisRelevant history before treatmentFollow up (weeks)Previous treatmentMaximum/current doseof sirolimusSide effects of sirolimus therapy
CMO, cystoid macular oedema; CYC, cyclosporin; TAC, tacrolimus; INF, infliximab; AZA, azathioprine; Metho, methotrexate; IV MP, intravenous methylprednisolone; MMF, myclophenolate mofetil; OARx, off all treatment.
1, 31, MAnterior and intermediate uveitisEpisodes of CMO treated with orbital floor steroids. History of steroid induced raised intraocular pressure52TAC, depomedrone, orbital floor injections8 mg/4 mgAcne, abdominal pain, deranged liver function tests
2, 37, MPanuveitis52CYC, MMF, TAC10 mg/5 mgRecurrent chest infections
3, 39, FPanuveitis (unilateral)Right eye vision reduced as a result of macular scarring secondary to chronic CMO. Repeated episodes of painful uveitis52CYC, MMF, TAC, IV MP8 mg/2 mgErythema nodosum
4, 30, MSarcoidosis, posterior uveitisRepeated episodes of vitreous haemorrhage secondary to neovascularisation. Episodes of CMO treated with oral corticosteroids40TAC, MMF4 mg/OARxNausea
5, 46, FIntermediate and posterior uveitisRight eye vision reduced as a result of macular scarring secondary to chronic CMO. Episodes of CMO in left good eye treated with increased doses of oral corticosteroids. At commencement of trial persisting mild CMO in left eye60MMF, TAC, INF10 mg/0 mg (treatment withdrawn)Breast oedema and scleroderma-like changes in the feet
6, 44, MBehçet’s syndrome, posterior uveitis and vasculitis60CYC, AZA, TAC5 mg/OARxMyagia in legs/painful feet in dorsal region
7, 45, MBehçet’s syndrome. Posterior uveitis and vasculitisLeft optic atrophy secondary to optic nerve ischaemia. Right eye vision reduced because of old maculopathy. Marked systemic symptoms of Behçet’s syndrome52CYC, TAC8 mg/6 mgSeborrhoeic dermatitis
8, 30, FBehçet’s syndrome, posterior uveitis and vasculitisRight eye vision lost because of retinal arterial occlusion26CYC, Metho, AZA, TAC, INF, IV MP12 mg/4 mgEczematous rash and severe headaches