Table 1

 Clinical characteristics of patients with Wegener’s granulomatosis and orbital socket contracture

PatientAge at orbit disease onset/sexcANCAEye affectedOrbit disease relapseVisual acuity last visit RE; LEOptic nerve compressionLesion occupying >75% of retrobulbar space by CT scanDegree of enophthalmos compared with fellow eye (mm)Complications
cANCA, cytoplasmic pattern antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibody titres.
117/ Mpositiveboth eyes; RE>LEYesNLP; 20/20Yes, REYes3.5NLP; chronic pain; restricted ocular motility
229/ FpositiveREYes20/20 both eyesYesYes3.0Chronic pain; restricted ocular motility
322 /Mpositiveboth eyes; LE>REYes20/16; 20/25Yes, both eyesYes3.0Non-arteritic AION; restricted ocular motility
440 /Mpositiveboth eyes; RE>LEYes20/25+2; 20/25NoYes2.5Chronic pain; restricted ocular motility
520/ FpositiveLENo20/20 both eyesYesNo, lesion resolved with min scarring1.5Cosmetic defect; restricted ocular motility
629/ FpositiveLENo20/20 both eyesNoNo, lesion resolved with min scarring1.5none