Table 2

 Increase in IOP (mm Hg) for every 10 μm increase in CCT. Summary of previous findings regarding effect of CCT on IOP measurements

AuthorStudy typeCountryGATTono-PenOBFNCT
M, male; R, right eye; F, female; L, left eye.
This studyClinic basedUnited Kingdom0.280.310.380.46
Ko et al, 20046Clinic basedTaiwan0.370.470.63
Siganos et al, 200436Clinic basedGreece0.260.39
Bhan et al, 20025Clinic basedUnited Kingdom0.230.100.28
Gunvant et al, 200421Clinic basedUnited Kingdom0.270.48
Morgan et al, 200312Clinic basedUnited Kingdom0.30
Shimmyo et al, 200322Clinic basedUnited States0.16
Eysteinsson et al, 200223Population basedIceland0.22 (M)
0.28 (F)
Dohadwala et al, 19984Population basedIndian subcontinent0.29 (M)
0.12 (F)
Foster et al, 200324Population basedSingapore0.15 (R)
0.18 (L)
Foster et al, 199825Population basedMongolia0.18 (R)
0.24 (L)
Wolfs et al, 199738Population basedNetherlands0.19
Nemesure et al, 200339Population basedBarbadosnone
Feltgen et al, 200116ManometryGermanynone
Foster et al, 200017ManometrySingaporenone
Ehlers, 19751ManometryDenmark0.71