Table 2

 Surgical rehabilitation patient data

Case NoSexEyeAge at diagnosis (months)Best preoperative visual acuityPHPV typeIndications for surgerySurgeryAge at surgery (months)Sequelae and clinical courseAge at final follow up (months)Visual acuity atfinal follow up
LP, light perception; NLP, no light perception; F&F, fixing and following; A, anterior PHPV; P, posterior; C, cataract; RP, retrolental plaque; G, glaucoma; AC, shallow anterior chamber; Trab, trabeculectomy; L, lensectomy; V, vitrectomy; RET, right esotropia; LET, left esotropia; RXT, right exotropia; RHT, right hypertropia; AET, alternating esotropia; RD, retinal detachment; ROP, retinopathy of prematurity; CL, contact lens; secondary IOL, secondary intraocular lens; SGSL, Sheridan-Gardner single letters.
2FLE2Vague LPA/PC RPL/V3Indrawing of ciliary processes, LXT small14Vague LP
3MRE3Poorly F&FA/PCL9Post-PHPV noted postoperatively, RET8Poorly fixes
4MRE1Vague LPA/PC GL13Glaucoma, trab, RD16NLP
5MLE0NAAC RPL/V0423/18 Kays
6FRE0Poorly F&FAC RPL/V1RXT variable, CL compliance poor431/60 SGSL
7FRE0NAA/PC RPL/V1Pupil closure, pupilloplasty, RET126/570Teller
8MLE1NAA/PC RPL/V1RD, CL compliance poor116LP
9MRE14Poorly F&FA/PC RPL/V15CL compliance poor, secondary IOL256/48 Teller
10FLE2NAA/PCL2RET1076/48 Snellen
11FRE10Poorly F&FA/PC RPL/V10Pupil closure, pupilloplasty, RET42LP
12MLE2No F&FA/PC RPL/V2Phthisis23Prosthesis
13MLE4No F&FA/PC RP ACL/V4Glaucoma, phthisis22NLP
14MLE1Poorly F&FA/PCL2LET small326/36 Teller
16FLE46/480 TellerA/PC RPL/V5LET, squint surgery953/36 Snellen
17FLE2NAACL2LXT, CL compliance poor, secondary IOL543/36 Kays
18MLE0Poorly F&FAC RPL/V4LXT, enucleation20NLP
19MRE1NAAC RPL/V1YAG laser capsulotomy226/36 Teller
20FLE7Poorly F&FA/PCL6LET, CL compliance poor123LP
21MLE2NAA/PCL6LET, squint surgery, threshold ROP, cryotherapy, glaucoma171.5/60 Teller
22FLE4NAA/PC RPL/V4LET variable1NA
23MRE1NAA/PC RP ACL/V1Glaucoma, photocycloablation28NLP
24MRE0NAACL1RET, squint surgery, capsulotomy13NLP
25MLE06/240 TellerA/PCL10RET, RD44NLP
26FRE3NAAC RPL/V5RHT/XT, squint surgery104NA
27MLE0NAA/PCL1Dead (PUO) at age 14 months86/120 Teller
28RFRE0NAA/PGTrab.NAPresented with glaucoma8NLP
28LFLE0NAA/PGTrab.NAPresented with glaucoma8NLP
29LFLE1Poorly F&FA/PC RPL/V1AET, squint surgery521/18 SGSL
29RFRE1Poorly F&FA/PC RPL/V1AET, squint surgery, glaucoma, trab age 4521/24 SGSL
30RFRE2NAA/PC RPL/V4RD, phthisis, enucleation80NLP