Table 3

‚ÄÉConservative management patient data

CaseSexEyeAge at diagnosis (months)Visual acuity at presentationPHPV typeContraindications to early surgeryMiscellaneousAge final follow up (months)Visual acuity at final follow up
LP, light perception; NLP, no light perception; F&F, fixing and following; A, anterior PHPV; P, posterior; MP, minimal posterior PHPV; SP, severe posterior PHPV not amenable to surgery; SA, severe anterior PHPV not amenable to surgery; G, glaucoma; RD, retinal detachment; AP, globe anteroposterior diameter; MRI, magnetic resonance imaging.
30LFLE2NLPA/PSA SPCorneal diameter 7 mm, patent hyaloid artery80NLP
31RFRE1LPAG SA SPGlaucoma at presentation, phthisis, prosthesis63NLP
32LMLE2LPPSPLarge retrolental mass, smicrocephaly2LP
32RMRE2Vague LPPSPRD, microcephaly2Vague LP
33FLE0NLPA/PSA SPMicrophthalmos, prosthesis95NLP
34FRE2Vague LPA/PSPPatent hyaloid artery to disc2Vague LP
35MRE0NLPA/PSA SPShallow anterior chamber, AP 14 mm1NLP
36MRE0NLPASAShallow anterior chamber, late lensectomy for glaucoma17NA
37FLE5Poorly F&FA/PSPPatent hyaloid artery to disc, nystagmus473/60
38FRE0NAA/PSA SPEctopia lentis, retinal dysplasia, L-ptosis and duct blockage requiring probing.22NLP
39MRE0NAA/PSA SPCorneal diameter 8 mm, AP s14 mm11NLP
40MLE4NAA/PSA SPCorneal diameter 8 mm, AP s13 mm3NLP
41MLE1LPPSPHyaloid artery, hypoplastic disc, roving nystagmus, microcephaly9LP
42MLE0NAPSPProgressive phthisis, enucleation37NLP
43MLE3Good F&FPMPHyaloid artery only, developmental delay116/18
44MLE3NAASAShallow anterior chamber with pupil bound down3NLP
46MLE0Poorly F&FA/PSA SPRetrolental mass, AP 12 mm and left ptosis, roving nystagmus56LP
47MLE8NAASPRetrolental mass8NA
48MRE1RovingPSPVitreous haemorrhage, RD14NLP
49MLE4NAPSPHyaloid artery and retrolental mass,9NLP
50MRE2Poorly F&FA/PSAShallow anterior chamber, strabismus surgery59NLP