Table 1

 Patient demographics

Preoperative characteristicsNo of eyes (total = 62)%
*PEI, penetrating eye injury; PC IOL, posterior chamber intraocular lens; GRT, giant retinal tear; RD, retinal detachment; PVR, proliferative vitreoretinopathy; VA, visual acuity.
Mean age44.2
Predisposing factors
    High myopia (>−6 D)1016.1
    Penetrating eye injury34.8
    Blunt trauma1625.9
    Stickler’s syndrome11.6
    Toxoplasmosis scar11.6
PVR grade
    B or C1829
Lens status
    PC IOL1117.7
Size of GRT
Preoperative VA
    Counting fingers1117.8
    Hand movements1321
    Light perception58.1
Previous surgery
    Scleral buckling11.6