Table 1

 Donor eye details

Eye NoAge/sexCause of deathETDTissue retrieval and, grade of donor eyeStorage mediumDuration of tissue in MK before useDuration of tissue at room temperature before useSize of donor buttonCulture report
RTA, road traffic accident; ETD, estimated time of death.
130/MBurn4 hoursEnucleation, B+M-K27 hoursImmediate7. 5 mmP aeruginosa, Staph albus
223 FHanging10 hoursEnucleation, B-M-K19 hoursImmediate8.25 mmsterile
355/MCardiac arrest3 hoursEnucleation, B+M-K10 hoursImmediate8.0 mmdiphtheroid
4A39/MRTA16 hoursEnucleation, B+M-K24 hoursImmediate8.0 mmsterile
4B39/MRTA16 hoursEnucleation, B+M-K24 hours1 hour8.0 mmdiphtheroid
5A75/MCardiac arrest3 hoursIn situ removal, B+M-K5 hoursImmediate8.0 mmNo growth
5B75/MCardiac arrest3 hoursIn situ removal, B+M-K6 hoursImmediate8.0 mmNo growth