Table 2

 Oral cardiovascular drug treatment in all patients whether hypertensive or not, with diagnoses of glaucoma and in controls (all treatments given before glaucoma diagnoses)

Hypertension treatment
1–1095 days before1–90 days before
YesNoOdds ratio (95% CI)YesNoOdds ratio (95% CI)
*Aggregate value summing numbers for diuretic users and non-users. Probability values compared with non-use.
β Adrenergic blocking agents
    Minus diuretic203721710.97135717040.77*
    Plus diuretic15151488(0.92 to 1.02)536680(0.73 to 0.83)
p = 0.2p<0.0001
ACE inhibitors
    Minus diuretic8056041.309106591.34*
    Plus diuretic14541182(1.21 to 1.38)850683(1.24 to 1.44)
Calcium channel blockade
    Minus diuretic147513311.18147713311.16*
    Plus diuretic18401549(1.12 to 1.25)926801(1.09 to 1.24)
All diuretic users
    Non-use20 38520 910(1.08 to 1.18)22 51022 777(1.03 to 1.14)