Table 1

 Clinical and angiographic data of the patients

CaseAge/sex/sideIntial VADurationIschaemicAVFT (seconds)Vmin (mm/s)Vmax (mm/s)Final VA
VA, visual acuity; HM, hand motion; CF, counting fingers; AVFT, arteriovenous filling time; Vmin, minimal velocity in first order veins; Vmax, maximum velocity in first order veins; ND, not determined.
152/M/L20/301 dayno19.8<14.720/20
258/M/RHM15 daysno40.1<1NDND
365/M/L20/2002 daysno48.6retrograde2.220/25
452/F/R20/2020 daysno22.31.87.120/20
530/M/L20/2048 daysno20.91.45.420/20
637/M/L20/603 daysno43.4<14.520/25
745/M/L20/6021 daysno33<1ND20/60
860/M/LHM13 monthsyes58.3<1NDHM
955/M/RCF8 daysyes44.8<1ND20/200
1060/M/R20/2005 daysyes21.2retrograde5CF