Table 2

 Frequency of sight threatening clinical features

VariableNo (%) of eyes (n = 72)
*Includes eyes with epiretinal membranes, retinal vasculitis affecting the posterior pole (defined on fundus fluorescein angiography), and those previously/currently affected by cystoid macular oedema.
†Includes six eyes with previous optic disc swelling and two eyes with optic neuritis secondary to multiple sclerosis.
‡Defined as greater than LOCS III grade 1.
BIO score = binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy score.
Macular involvement*51 (70.8)
Optic nerve involvement†8 (11.1)
BIO score >112 (16.7)
Glaucoma1 (1.4)
Cataract‡13 (18.1)