Table 1

 Items comprising the original DLTV

Dimension 1Dimension 2Dimension 3Dimension 4
*Items that were redundant and therefore omitted from dimension 1.
1 Read newsprint 2 Read correspondence*1 Cut fingernails 2 Pour a drink1 Confidence moving around own neighbourhood1 Difficulty adapting to bright conditions
3 Sign documents 4 Watch TV3 Cutting food on a plate 4 Use kitchen appliances2 Seeing objects off to one side2 Difficulty adapting to dark conditions
5 Distinguish features at room length5 Enjoy scenery when out for a drive3 Seeing steps
6 Distinguish features across a street6 Recognise seasonal changes in the garden
7 Reading road signs and street names7 Read newspaper headlines
8 Identify money*8 Distinguish features at
9 Confidence moving around unfamiliar neighbourhoodarms length