Table 3

 Clinical measures of vision at baseline in SFRADS participants when study eye is better eye or when study eye is worse eye by treatment status (figures in parentheses are standard deviations).

Treated patientsControl patients
MeanNo of patientsMeanNo of patients
Distance acuity (logMAR)
Study eye is better eye0.55 (0.22)650.54 (0.22)52
Study eye is worse eye0.68 (0.23)340.63 (0.22)48
Near acuity (logMAR)
Study eye is better eye0.82 (0.29)650.83 (0.35)52
Study eye is worse eye0.95 (0.35)340.89 (0.36)48
Contrast sensitivity (log threshold)
Study eye is better eye1.16 (0.27)651.12 (0.30)52
Study eye is worse eye1.03 (0.34)341.07 (0.36)48