Table 6

 Regression model showing effect of baseline co-variates on change at 12 months in the three main dimensions of the DLTV

Baseline covariatesChange in dimension 1Change in dimension 2Change in dimension 3
BSEp ValueBSEp ValueBSEp Value
London was used as the reference centre.
Sex (M = 1, F = 2)2.293.440.510.303.100.920.903.400.79
Centre (Belfast)3.373.870.391.433.490.68−3.933.820.31
Centre (Southampton)−3.154.450.48−3.163.980.43−5.374.390.22
Study eye is better eye−*−*−
Treatment status−0.863.460.810.363.100.91−0.593.410.86