Table 1

 The clinical situation in which calcium deposition developed

Surface disease followingEpithelial keratopathyPlaque formation observed withinHyaluronate drops frequency
Case 1, left eyePseudomembranous conjunctivitisdiffuse punctate changes5 daysup to 100×/day
Case 1, right eyePseudomembranous conjunctivitiscircumscribed, irritating lash2 daysup to 100×/day
Case 2Mucous membrane pemphigoidepithelial defect 2×2 mm1 weekup to 15×/day
Case 3Atopic keratoconjunctivitiscomplete erosion5 days6×/day
Case 4Pars plana vitrectomy and diabeteslarge epithelial defect2 weeksup to 15×/day
Case 5Topical anaesthesia, Sjögren syndromeepithelial defect 3×2 mm2 weeksup to 30×/day