Table 3

 The phosphate concentration of some sodium hyaluronate eye drop preparations that are commercially available in Europe

Phosphate, PO4 (mmol/l)
*The concentration of sodium hyaluronate is given in parentheses.
Hylo-Comod, Ursapharm, Germany (0.1%)*50.9
Hyabak, Laboratoires Théa, France (0.15%)10.9
Vismed, TRB chemedica, Germany (0.18%)10.5
Comfort Shield, medical GmbH, Germany (0.15%)2.3
Hyal-drop, Bausch & Lomb (0.2%)2
Fermavisc, Novartis Pharma (0.1%)1.7
Lacrycon, Pfizer (0.14%)<0.1