Table 1

 ABCG2 and MCM2 expression in tumours without preoperative or postoperative chemotherapy

Serial NoAge/sexClinicopathological features% of ABCG2 stained tumour cells% of MCM2 stained tumour cellsFollow up
M, male; F, female; y, years; m, months; LE, left eye; RE, right eye; PD, poorly differentiated; WD, well differentiated; MD, moderately differentiated; Ch, choroidal; inv, invasion.
11y/MLE: WDNo invasion of choroid and optic nerve4060No recurrence in the enucleated eye
23y/FLE: WD2030
33m/MRE: WD060
42y/MRE: WD070
55y/MLE: PD4070
61y/MRE: WD2050
71y/MLE: PD3040
82m/MRE: WD,6040
95m/MRE: WD020
102y/MLE: MD010
112y/MLE: PD2070
122y/MLE: PD030
132y/MLE: PD020
149m/MLE: MD00
152y/MLE: PD400
164/MRE: PD, diffuse Ch invasion7080
173/FLE: PD, focal Ch invasion020
183/MRE: PD, focal Ch invasion070