Table 1

 Photoprotection and photoreception relative to a UV only blocking IOL (AMO ClariFlex 20D): positive and negative percentages indicate better and worse performance, respectively. Percentage of optical radiation blocked in a particular wavelength band

UV-blue photoprotectionAphakic scotopic sensitivity*Melanopsin sensitivityMelatonin suppressionUV blocked†Violet blocked†Blue blocked†Green blocked†
*The percentage loss in aphakic scotopic sensitivity is the same as the percentage gain in blue-green phototoxicity protection (rhodopsin mediates both processes).
†The percentage of optical radiation in a particular wavelength range that is blocked: UV (350–400 nm), violet (400–440 nm), blue (440–500 nm), and green (500–570 nm).
‡Hypothetical violet blocking high pass filters that block all optical radiation below but transmit 99% of radiation above the specified cut-off wavelength.
¶Human crystalline lens spectral transmittance data from Boettner and Wolter.4
§Sunglasses spectral transmittance data from Marmor.74
Eyeonics Crystalens AT-45−150%+10%+4%+14%39%7%3%2%
AMO Clariflex 20D100%34%5%3%
Violet 400 nm‡−33%+6%+6%+1195%1%1%1%
Violet 410 nm‡−12%+4%+5%+7100%19%1%1%
Violet 420 nm‡+6%+2%+3%+1100%44%1%1%
Violet 430 nm‡+23%−1%0%−5%100%69%1%1%
Violet 440 nm‡+39%−5%−5%−13%100%94%1%1%
AMO OptiBlue 20D+40%−6%−7%−15%100%90%6%1%
AMO OptiBlue 30D+42%−6%−7%−16%100%92%6%1%
Hoya AF-1+43%−15%−18%−27%98%78%27%4%
Alcon AcrySof Natural 20D+40%−14%−18%−27%99%67%27%3%
Alcon AcrySof Natural 30D+57%−21%−27%−38%100%83%40%5%
4.5 year old¶+35%−24%−26%−30%97%69%30%21%
53 year old¶+61%−37%−41%−48%100%86%48%28%
75 year old¶+82%−76%−78%−80%99%91%81%73%