Table 1

 Patient demographic data and macular morphology

Patient noAgeSexLensstatusPrevious macular laser (focal/grid)Morphology of macular oedema on OCT*
Before first injectionBefore repeat injection
IOL, intraocular lens. *Morphology of macular oedema based on OCT classification.10 In summary E1, simple thickening (diffuse), E2, cystoid thickening; E3, neuroepithelial detachment; T0, absence of epiretinal hyper-reflectivity; T1, presence of continuous line of flat hyper-reflectivity and adherent to the retina without significant retinal distortion. Note some eyes can have more than one pathological change.11
171FIOLYE1/E3 T0E1/E2 T0
261MPhakicYE1/E2 T0E1/E2 T0
373FIOLYE1 T0E1 T0
471FIOLYE1 T1E1 T1
558MPhakicYE1 T0E1 T0
667FPhakicNE1/E3 T1E1/E3 T1
768MPhakicNE2 T0E1 T0
854FPhakicNE1/E2 T0E2 T0
957FPhakicYE2 T0E1 T0
1069MPhakicYE1/E3 T0E1/E3 T0