Table 4 Mean health resource utilisation cost between study groups
Health utilisation costCosts per year (UK£)
AMD (n = 75)Control (n = 91)p
Direct vision-related medical cost*1553.1444.76<0.0001
Direct non-vision-related medical cost†431.01412.720.9213
Direct non-medical related cost‡1839.7459.570.0012
Total cost per patient3823.89517.05<0.0001
  • *Direct vision-related medical costs includes retina specialist evaluation, diagnostic test, and previous treatment of AMD, visual rehabilitation, eye-sight equipment, eye doctor visits, eye glasses or contact lenses. †Direct non-vision-related medical costs represent a summary of fall-related injuries, other accident-related injuries, depression/anxiety treatment, and non-vision related medical treatment. ‡Direct non-medical related costs include living situation costs (ie, government-sponsored assisted living facilities or nursing homes), assistance for received daily activities, and social benefit received.