Table 5 Health resource utilisation cost for UK AMD patients
Health utilisation costCosts per year (UK£) (n = 75) (% total costs)
Direct vision-related medical cost1553.14 (40.6)
Total visual rehabilitation-related costs30.72 (0.8)
Total eye sight equipment-related costs270.69 (7.1)
Total costs for eye doctor visits100.81 (2.6)
Total eye glasses or contact lenses-related costs13.60 (0.4)
Total retina specialist evaluation costs300.00 (7.8)
Total diagnostic test-related costs725.00 (19.0)
Total previous treatment of AMD-related costs112.31 (2.9)
Direct non-vision-related medical cost431.01 (11.3)
Total fall-related costs25.27 (0.7)
Total other accident-related costs3.19 (0.1)
Total non-vision-related medical treatment-related costs351.43 (9.2)
Total depression/anxiety treatment-related costs51.12 (1.3)
Direct non-medical-related cost1839.74 (48.1)
Total living situation-related costs536.88 (14.0)
Total costs of assistance for daily activities received1102.85 (28.8)
Total amount of social benefits received for visual disability200.01 (5.2)
Total cost per patient3823.89 (100.0)