Table 2 Differential expression of neurotrophic factor-related genes in retinas derived from uveitic eyes receiving intravitreal injection of tacrolimus.
Common nameGenBank Accession No.Ratio
Oestrogen receptor 2 betaU574394.51
Erythropoietin receptorBC0898103.31
Similar to Bcl-x, short2.78
GABA A receptor, gamma 1X575142.72
Protein kinase C, alpha2.28
GDNF receptor family receptor alpha 4AJ2944762.25
Fibroblast growth factor 82.17
Neuropeptide Y receptor Y1BC0899812.15
Protein kinase C, beta 1X044402.08
  • GDNF, glial cell line derived neurotrophic factor receptor.