Table 1

 Characteristics of the 10 patients treated for Coats’ disease

No.Age,years*Presenting visual acuityLatest visual acuityNumber of quadrants with telangiect-asia*Retinal detachment*Macular findings*SurgeryTreatment during follow-upFollow-up,yearsComments and status
*At time of presentation to ophthalmologist.
C, cryopexy; CF, counts fingers; G, 15% C3F8 gas exchange; I, indirect laser photocoagulation; HM, hand motions; LP, light perception; ?LP, presumed light perception; M, preretinal membrane peel; NLP, no light perception; O, intraocular silicone oil; P, posterior sclerotomy with subretinal fluid drainage; R, retinotomy with subfoveal fibrovascular membrane removal; RD, retinal detachment; SR, subretinal; TPDL, trans-pupillary diode laser; V, vitreous infusion; Vt, vitrectomy.
1620/30020/602InferiorFibrosisV, P, CTPDL 1 month3Chronic inferior RD
(fig 1)bullouspostop forwith SR fibrosis
recurrent lesion
25NLPNLP4TotalExudateV, P, CNone2.5Phthisical, dense
bullouswhite cataract
31.8?LPNLP3TotalExudateV, P, CRecurrence of1
43?LPNLP3TotalExudateV, P, CNone2Periorbital cellulitis,
bullouspersistent SR fibrosis
53LPNLP4Total bullousFibrosisV, P, CNone2Persistent SR fibrosis
62.5NLPHM3TotalExudate1) V, P, CSecond surgery at4.5Silicone oil in-situ,
bullous2) Vt, M,4 months forpersistent SR fibrosis
I, Opersistent RD
77CF 1 foot20/2002TemporalOrganisedVt, R, G, INone1
(30.48 cm)subretinal
87LP (fig 2)NLP4TotalFibrosisVt, P, C, M3 laser4Chronic tractional
bullousdetachment and
preretinal fibrosis
96CF 4 feet20/3001NoFibrosisNone1 cryopexy2
(1.23 m)
104.520/40−220/3001NoExudateNone2 laser1