Table 2 Diagnosis (according to the consultant ophthalmologist), highest intraocular pressure, history of glaucoma in the family, and demographic variables of the patients
Decision made by consultantFrequencyMale sexFamily history of glaucomaAge (years)*IOP (mm Hg)*
Normal and discharged35151060.5 (13.9)17.0 (4.1)
Suspect or OHT requiring review3211765.0 (14.1)18.6 (5.0)
Suspect or OHT requiring treatment86064.6 (10.8)31.2 (6.7)
Glaucoma2318771.2 (8.6)22.4 (4.2)
Glaucoma requiring urgent treatment22073.5 (0.7)41.0 (0.0)
  • *Values are mean (SD).

  • IOP, intraocular pressure; OHT, ocular hypertension.