Table 1 Patient characteristics by integrity of the third HRB at the final visit
HRB(+) n = 21HRB(−) n = 25p Value
Age (years)69.9 (7.8)69.6 (7.1)0.733
Gender (men/women)12/97/180.046
Systemic hypertension12130.897
LogMAR VA at initial visit0.40 (0.34)0.55 (0.35)0.092
Foveal thickness at initial visit (μm)466 (129)516 (165)0.453
Duration of symptoms before first treatment (months)3.0 (1.7)4.4 (3.6)0.309
LogMAR VA at final visit0.05 (0.13)0.32 (0.29)<0.001
Foveal thickness at final visit (μm)198 (32)182 (32)0.082
Duration of follow-up (months)25.9 (19.7)20.8 (14.8)0.326
Duration of persistent MO (months)10.4 (5.5)15.0 (11.9)0.078
  • HRB, high reflectance band; HRB(+), eyes with third HRB in the fovea; HRB(−), eyes without third HRB; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; VA, visual acuity; MO, macular oedema.