Table 1

 Underlying diagnosis, pre-treatment, duration and effect of treatment

Patient No.GenderBegin of disease (years) Uveitis/ArthritisDiagnosisPrevious history(besides steroids)Duration of Adalimumab treatment and add. therapy (month)Side effectsEffects on:Consequence
ANA, antinuclear antibodies; Aza, Azathioprine; CsA, Cyclosporin A; HSV, herpes simplex virus; JIA, juvenile idiopathic arthritis; MMF, Mycophenolate mofetil; MTX, Methotrexate; neg, negative; pos, positive; RF, rheumatoid factor
1 KKf3/4Uveitis with JIA/category psoriasis arthritis, HLA-B27 posCsA, MTX, Etanercept4, then stoppedInjection painfulnoneffectivenoneffectiveInfliximab: effective
2 FWm11/nonchronic anterior uveitis of unknown originCsA, MTX, Etanercept, Aza, Immunoglobulines, Infiximab3, then stopped, low dose steroidsnomildMMF, Steroids: partially effecttive
3 CTf5/5Uveitis with JIA/category oligoarthritisAza, CsA, MTX, Infliximab, MMF27, MMF low dosemild local reactioneffectiveeffective
4 KTf2/3Uveitis with JIA/category oligoarthritisCsA, MTX, Aza, Cyclosposphamid, MMF, Infliximab26, low dose steroids, MMFeffectiveeffective
5 KDf6/4Uveitis with JIA/category oligoarthritis, with secondary glaucomaCsA, MTX, Cyclosposphamid, Procarbazine37, begin: all 6 weeks: mild later: all 3 weeks: effectiveHSV Keratitiseffectiveeffective
6 KJf210/12/26/12Uveitis with JIA/category oligoarthritisMTX Aza, CsA4, stopped due to side effectsliver enzymes elevated, stoppedeffectiveeffectiveEtanercept: effecttive
7 TAm55/12/41/12Uveitis with JIA/category polyarthritis, RF neg, HLA-B27 posEtanercept (first uveitis induced), CsA, MTX2, stopped due to ineffectivity for the arthritisnoneffectiveeffectiveCsA, Steroids: effective
8 RMm46/12/49/12Uveitis with JIA/category oligoarthritisMTX, Aza, CsA, Leflunomide, MMF15, Aza and steroids low doseeffectiveeffective
9 DAf83/12/151/12Uveitis with JIA/catgory oligoarthritisCsA, Etanercept (first uveitis induced), MTX, Aza, Leflunomide25effectivecells effective, IOP: +++
10 MMf4/0Uveitis with JIA/category oligoarthritis ANA posCsA, MMF, Etanercept, Cyclophosphamid, Aza, MTX20, CsAeffective
11 WJm5/5Uveitis with JIA/category persistent oligoarthritis HLA-B27 posMTX, Aza, CsA, Infliximab20mildeffective
12 WDf38/12/1/2Uveitis with JIA/category oligoarthritisMTX, CsA, Etanercept25, every weekInjection painfuleffectiveeffective
13 ESf19/13/4Uveitis with JIA/category polyarthritis, begin with oligoarthritis, ANA posEtanercept (first uveitis induced), Aza, CsA, MTX19Burning sensationsmildeffective
14 KLf6/6Uveitis with JIA/category extended oligoarthritis, ANA pos, HLA-B27 negMTX, MMF, Infliximab, CsA, Aza7noneffectiveeffective
15 KCf2/2Uveitis with JIA/category extended oligoarthritis,MTX, CsA8, MTXBurning sensationseffectiveeffective
16 DSf51/2/15Uveitis with JIA/category extended oligoarthritis, ANA pos, HLA-B27 neg, RF neg.CsA, MTX8, CsABurning sensationseffectiveeffective
17 SASf23/4-/31/12Uveitis with JIA/category extended oligoarthritis, ANA pos, HLA- B27 neg. RF neg.MTX, CsA, Aza,7, Azaeffectiveeffective
18 BTf21/2/37/12Uveitis with JIA/category extended oligoarthritis ANA pos, HLA-B27 negAza, MTX, CsA, Leflunomide, Etanercept25Mild local reactionmildeffective