Table 1

‚ÄÉRecords of a subgroup of patients treated by Captain TF Tooke during the Halifax explosion, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal9

Number of casesNature of injuryTreatment
Patients with both eyes injured and/or with several types of injuries are listed in more than one category.
7Lacerated lids/necrotic woundsLids sutured. Dressing
12Perforated cornea, prolapsed iris/incarcerated irisEdges of iris freed, presenting iris excised, iridectomy. Flap of conjunctiva sutured over wound
6Corneal abrasions and perforations without inclusion of iris/ciliary body (single or multiple)Atropine and Dressing.
12Complete destruction of eye ball/eyeball torn to shreds/eyeball collapsedEnucleated
1Perforated scleraConjunctiva sutured over wound. Double dressing
1Perforated corneaIridectomy, argyrols, atropine and bandage
4Perforated cornea/sclera, prolapsed ciliary body/incarcerated ciliary body. Prolapsed vitreousExcised prolapse, sutured conjunctiva over wound. Atropine, argyrols, double dressing
3Long perforated wound extending from cornea to sclera and ciliary body/prolapse of ciliary bodyEnucleated
1Multiple corneal wounds with hyphaemaAtropine and dressing
1V-shaped wound of cornea with deposits of lymph about edges. HyphaemaEdges of wound freed. Atropine and dressing
1Scleral wound over ciliary body. Ciliary body and vitreous presentingEnucleated
2Perforated cornea. Traumatic cataractAtropine and dressing
1Organs cannot be distinguishedEnucleated