Table 1

 Pearson’s product moment correlations (r) and associated significance (p) of time trade-off utility with visual function and binocular grade of age-related macular degeration severity grade

VariableAll patients (n = 115)Only patients prepared to trade (n = 52)
AMD, age-related macular degeneration; logMAR, logarithm of the minimum angle of resolution; NS, not significant (correlations not significant are not presented); VA, visual acuity.
*For definitions of AMD grading, see Methods.
Binocular distance VA (logMAR)0.38<0.001NS
Binocular near VA (logMAR)0.35<0.0010.29<0.05
Binocular Pelli–Robson contrast sensitivity0.27<0.01NS
AMD binocular severity grade*0.49<0.001NS
AMD grade in the better eye*0.40<0.001NS
AMD grade in the worse eye*0.25<0.01NS
General healthNSNS