Table 2 Comparison of type 2 DMO group NEI-VFQ-25 mean subscale scores with T1DR Group NEI-VFQ-25 subscale scores6
SubscalesDMO (n = 33)T1DR (n = 602)
General Health42±4.460±1.0
General Vision64±2.879±0.7
Near Activities60±4.087±0.7
Distance Activities67±4.986±0.7
Peripheral Vision76±4.589±0.9
Colour Vision77±4.595±0.6
Ocular Pain74±4.280±0.7*
Role Difficulties61±4.492±0.7
Social Function74±4.995±0.5
Mental Health56±4.485±0.7
  • Data are presented as mean ± standard error.

  • All comparisons between DMO and T1DR were statistically significant unless otherwise stated.

  • *t Test comparison with DMO group was not significant.