Table 4 Independent risk factors for ROP
Univariate logistic regression analysis
Risk factorLog odds ratio (b)Odds ratio95% CI of odds ratiop value
Gestational age at birth*−0.32910.7195710.614064 to 0.843205<0.0001
Birth weight†−0.2713470.7623520.66265 to 0.8770540.0001
Blood transfusion‡0.6675791.9495111.284872 to 2.9579560.0017
No. of days ventilated§1.1522073.165171.496864 to 6.6928590.0026
Total no. of days on O20.2908141.3375151.111347 to 1.609710.0021
  • *Odds ratio with reduction of 1 week in gestational age from the mean.

  • †Odds ratio with reduction of 100 g in birth weight.

  • ‡Odds ratio with increase of 15 ml in blood transfusion.

  • §Odds ratio with increase of 1 week on mechanical ventilation.

  • ¶Odds ratio with increase of 1 week on supplemental oxygen.