Table 1 Main variables studied
Presurgical factorsIntraoperative factorsPostoperative factors
PVR preoperative (A or B)Surgical procedureRetinal reattachment
Characteristics of retinal breaks    Extrascleral surgeryUveitis
Previous intraocular surgery    VitrectomyChoroidal detachment
Aphakia/pseudophakiaCryotherapyVitreous haemorrhage
Vitreous haemorrhageLaserIOP
RD extensionDrainage of subretinal fluidMedical treatment
Choroidal detachmentGas
Time of evolution of RD (days)Liquid perfluorocarbons
Intraocular pressureRetinotomy
Preoperative uveitisRetinectomy
MyopiaAssociated cataract surgery
History of previous RD in any eyeComplications
History of PVR in other eye