Table 3 Chronological order of salvage treatment in months after primary chemotherapy for group D (Reese–Ellsworth group V) eyes
Patient 4 ODEnucl
Patient 5 ODCryo ×2Cryo ×2Cryo
Patient 6 ODLSDXTCryoPlaqueOF carboEnucl
Patient 7 OD
Patient 8 OD
Patient 9 ODCryo×2Plaque
Patient 10 ODLSDXT
Patient 11 ODCryo
Patient 12 OSCryo Enucl
Patient 13 OSCryo ×3Enucl
Patient 14 OSChemothermo ×2 Enucl
Patient 15 OSCryo ×2
  • All children had bilateral retinoblastoma.

  • Chemothermo, intravenous infusion of systemic carboplatin with same-day diode laser thermotherapy; Cryo, cryotherapy; Enucl, enucleation; LSDXT, lens sparing external beam radiotherapy; OD, right eye; OF carbo, orbital floor carboplatin injection; OS, left eye; Plaque, ruthenium episcleral plaque brachytherapy.