Table 1 Reese–Ellsworth classification on presentation of all eyes and their final outcome*
Reese–Ellsworth GroupOutcome of eyes (n = 44)
Enucleated before primary chemotherapy*Enucleated after primary chemotherapy but before EBRT*Enucleated after EBRTSalvaged (percentage of group)
Normal0004 (100%)
I a0004 (100%)
I b0006 (100%)
II a0003 (100%)
III a0111 (33.3%)
III b0202 (50.0%)
IV a0125 (62.5%)
V a3022 (28.6%)
V b1013 (60.0%)
  • *Eyes that were enucleated before external beam radiotherapy (EBRT) were not included in the analysis of the study.