Table 2

Summary of initial clinical response and recurrence by diagnosis

Clinical responsePAMMelanomaCCINSCCSGCNaevusTotal
No of response2114
Mean follow-up (range), months47 (4–120)34 (2–112)20 (1–49)50 (4–82)28.5 (0.5–54)136 (0.5–120)
Overall recurrence3/15 (20%)5/20 (25%)0/72/3 (67%)4/7 (57%)0/114/53 (26%)
Mean time to recurrence (range), months16 (14–18)14 (1–30)3.5 (2–5)13.5 (4–24)12.8 (1–30)
Recurrence for eyes with minimum 12 months follow-up3/15 (23%)4/16 (25%)0/42/2 (100%)4/5 (80%)13/42 (31%)
  • CCIN, corneal-conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia; PAM, primary acquired melanosis; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; SGC, sebaceous gland carcinoma.

  • For tumours treated with adjuvant MMC, complete or partial clinical response refers to overall response to both surgery and MMC. Mean times to recurrence, including the range, are included. Recurrence rates were calculated from those that showed an initial response to treatment. Overall recurrence rate was calculated from those that showed an initial response, excluding the conjunctival naevus (n=53).