Table 4

Comparison of our study group outcomes compared to other published outcomes

Khong and Muecke, 200620Daniel et al, 20029Ballalai et al, 200911Shields et al, 200214Kurli and Finger, 20055Pe'er and Frucht-Pery, 20053Shields et al, 200217Our series, 2009
Tumour typeCCIN, SCC, PAM, MM, SGCCCINCCINSCC (recurrent)PAM and MMPAM and MMSGC (with pagetoid spread)Mixed
Patient No91 (100 eyes)2023101612458
Mean follow-up (months)26.513462281231236
Regimen (primary therapy unless stated)0.04% QID 7 days on, off (repeated up to 3)0.02%/0.04% QID 7 days on, off, on (7 days re-treatment repeated 1–5 times)0.02% QID 28 days0.04% QID 7 days on then off (repeated up to 4)0.04% QID 14 days on, off, on for primary, or QID for 7 days adjuvant (with steroid rescue as required)0.04%/0.02% QID 14 days, on, off (repeated up to 3)0.04% QID 7 days on, off (repeated up to 4)0.04% QID 21 days on, off, on, with QID steroid and lubricant
Overall response (complete and partial)N/A95% complete100% complete resolution100% complete resolution100%
8 PAM with primary MMC
75% complete
25% partial
2 MM with primary MMC
100% partial response
33% complete
67% partial
75% complete resolution93%
Recurrence (mean time)N/A20% (13 months)4.3% (24 months)050% (37 months)8%026% (13 months)
MetastasisN/A1001 (died)000
Side effects
 Hyperaemia30%Reported but ? %60%100%100%14%
 Epiphora10%Reported but ? %8%7%
 Corneal erosion/pannus/LSCD17.4%19%50%12%
MMC stopped due to allergy13%5%0012.5%25%7%
VA maintained within two linesN/A87.5%100%75%87%
  • CCIN, corneal-conjunctival intraepithelial neoplasia; KCS, keratoconjunctivitis; LSCD, limbal stem cell deficiency; MM, conjunctival malignant melanoma; MMC, mitomycin C; N/A, not applicable; PAM, primary acquired melanosis; PS, punctal stenosis; QID, four times a day; SCC, squamous cell carcinoma; SGC, sebaceous gland carcinoma; VA, visual acuity.