Table 2

Post-treatment changes in electroretinographic B-wave response amplitudes*

Type of stimulus evoking electroretinogramPost-treatment percentage change baseline, mean±SDp Value
Photopic single flash18±580.329
Photopic 30 Hz flicker−10±300.075
Isolated rod response 30 min dark adaptationNone measurable
Maximal response 30 min dark adaptation78±1380.136
Isolated rod response 120 min dark adaptation132±108<0.001
Maximal response 120 min dark adaptation58±56<0.001
  • * Mean changes in electroretinographic b-wave response amplitudes immediately after treatment completion are expressed as percentages (mean±SD) of the baseline response amplitude under photopic and scotopic conditions. The mean changes in scotopic response amplitudes after 120 min of dark adaptation were significant.

  • Period of prior dark adaptation.