Table 1

Patient demographics and characteristics of study population

Gas groupStandard groups
Group A phakicGroup B pseudophakic/aphakic
No of patients512115
Glaucoma type
 Primary open angle1853
 Angle closure422
 Anterior segment dysgenesis251
 ICE syndrome11
 Post penetrating keratoplasty2
 Sturge Weber1
Previous surgery
 Cataract surgery50015
 Ahmed valve61
 Deep sclerectomy2
Lens status
Ahmed valve model
 Model FP-7730
 Model S-2442515
Tube cover
 No cover021
 Donor sclera211511
 Scleral rotation flap1873
Mean age, years66.5±17.9 (range 22–90)50.6±17.3 (range 19–78)65.7±14.6 (range 36–80)
Corneal thickness603.8±79.6 (527–1000)576.6±65.0 (515–800)630.0±79.2 (523–745)
No of previous operations2.4±0.9 (range 1–5)0.9±0.8 (range 0–2)2.1±0.8 (range 1–3)
Presenting IOP (mm Hg)43.1±8.2 (range 24–62)40.1±10.7 (range 24–64)42.5±7.2 (range 32–60)
  • ICE, iridocorneal endothelial; IOP, intraocular pressure.