Table 5

Difference in outcome in patients with various grades of severe burns treated with amniotic membrane transplantation along with standard medical therapy

Response variablep Value for difference between 2 grades
IV and VV and VIIV and VI
Time taken for healing (days)
 Roper Hall IV30 (12–90)0.95120.59250.9537
 Dua IV32.5 (12–90)
 Dua V35 (30–70)
 Dua VI30 (30–90)
Epithelial healing rate (mm2/day)
 Roper Hall IV2.8 (1–4.8)0.47630.17340.0884
 Dua IV1.9 (1.2–4.8)
 Dua V2.4 (1–4.8)
 Dua VI4.8 (1.6–4.8)
Extent of corneal haze (%)
 Roper Hall IV80 (50–100)0.21570.01330.3625
 Dua IV85 (50–100)
 Dua V50 (50–100)
 Dua VI100 (60–100)
Grade of corneal clarity
 Roper Hall IV2 (0–4)0.04460.63130.0242
 Dua IV1 (0–3)
 Dua V2 (1–4)
 Dua VI3 (1–4)
Corneal vascularisation (quadrants involved)
 Roper Hall IV4 (1–4)0.02230.27380.0056
 Dua IV2 (1–4)
 Dua V4 (2–4)
 Dua VI4 (2–4)
Decimal visual acuity
 Roper Hall IV0.016 (0.0001–1)0.31430.15350.0429
 Dua IV0.215 (0.001–1)
 Dua V0.08 (0.0001–0.5)
 Dua VI0.01 (0.0001–0.25)
LogMAR visual acuity
 Roper Hall IV1.8 (0–4)0.31430.15350.0429
 Dua IV0.75 (0–3)
 Dua V1.1 (0.3–4)
 Dua VI2 (0.6–4)