Table 3

Quality of Life (QoL) scores for children with visual impairment and age-matched comparison group

SubscaleQoL score children with visual impairmentQoL score age-matched comparison groupSignificance
Distance vision, mobility and lighting (max 60)35.92±12.9354.98±9.37p<0.001
Adjustment (max 20)14.98±3.6118.48±2.40p<0.001
Reading and fine work (max 25)15.19±6.7623.17±3.14p<0.001
Activities of daily living (max 20)14.32±4.3419.33±1.69p<0.001
Total Low Vision Quality of Life Questionnaire score (max 125)80.50±25.21116.00±12.68p<0.001